Fix HP DeskJet 2700 Printer Offline

Want to print a document but your Deskjet 2700 printer shows as offline? You are not alone. Other users have similar issues. Occurs when the printer driver is old. Read this article to learn how to do it manually and automatically. But before we get into the troubleshooting steps, let’s understand the problem. 1. What causes an offline error on the HP Deskjet 2700 series printer?

This issue is usually caused by device drivers or wireless connectivity issues. Moreover, there are other reasons for the problem. they are:

– Printer is not set as default.

-Old printer driver.

– Old firmware.

– Incomplete printer setup.


2. HP Deskjet 2700 series offline printer error fix

Below are various ways to fix offline printer errors. But before we get into technical troubleshooting, let’s try some basic fixes first.

Method 1 – Basic Troubleshooting

– Check the connection status between the printer and the computer.

– Make sure the printer, PC, and network or cables are properly connected.

-Reboot the HP printer. Turn off the power and unplug the power cord. Let it sit for a few minutes. After that, connect the cable, turn on the printer, and check the operation.

Method 2 – Start Windows Service Status.

Note: This fix is ​​intended for users with a range of printers with WSD ports.

-Press Windows + R to open the Run window. – Type services.msc and press Enter.

– Search for “Discover Host Provider” and “Discovery Resource Publication”.

-Right click > Properties > Select Automatic under Startup > OK

-Check the status of the printer to see if the issue is resolved.

Method 3 – Set the HP Deskjet 2700 printer as the default

– Follow these steps to resolve offline printer issues.

– Press Windows + R to open the Run window, type “control” and press Enter.

-Double-click Devices and Printers. – Right-click your HP printer and click Set as default printer. Click Yes when prompted.

– A check mark appears next to your HP printer. This means it is set as the default printer.

Method 4: Update your printer driver

The printer is an offline issue and is commonly caused by outdated drivers. To fix the problem, you need to update or reinstall your printer driver. The easiest and fastest way to update your drivers without any technical knowledge is to use a driver updater tool like Advanced Driver Updater. Driver Updater will automatically identify your computer and find the correct drivers. The good thing about using this driver update app is that you don’t need to gather information or have computer skills. This tool does everything from finding the right driver to downloading and installing it.

– Download and install Advanced Driver Updater.

– Run the best driver update software and click the Scan Now button to start scanning.

– To update your driver, click the update driver link next to your HP printer. This will download the latest correct printer driver.

adu scan start 1

– However, registered users can click the Update All button to update all outdated drivers and download HP Deskjet 2700 series drivers. adu update all

– The above fixes help troubleshoot offline printer issues when using the HP 2700 Deskjet.