Is your brand-new HP printer recognizing to recognize a new ink cartridge or toner ink? This is something that most people go through now and then, so you are surely not alone. When replacing an empty cartridge or changing a new one, one of the most common problems customers encounter with their printers is the printer failing to recognize the ink cartridge. When you replace refurbished, remanufactured, third-party, or refilled cartridges, this can have a negative impact on your printer, and you’re seeking a solution.

We’ll explain why this is happening and how you can fix it?

You may see one of the error messages while replacing an empty cartridge or changing a new one, and your printer will be offline and unable to print. Let’s fix the problem one by one.

Errors that occur when an HP printer fails to recognize ink

1. The printer displays “Toner is not compatible” as a message.

2. Your printer states “Cartridges not identified” or “Ink cartridges cannot be detected.”

3. The printer and computer screen display an error message about low ink or an empty ink cartridge.

4. You may receive an error message such as “HP printer cartridge blocked” or “cartridge protection blocked” on occasion.

5. A printer error message stating “no cartridge installed.”

6. The printer’s warning lights are flashing.

The following are some of the reasons why your printer is displaying these error messages:

Internal memory reset required: When you reset the internal memory of your printer, it should instantly recognise the ink cartridges. Make sure it’s detecting full cartridges or full ink levels. However, when a printer’s internal memory is full, it may not do so, and it may continue to believe there is an old cartridge in the printer despite the fact that you have replaced it with a new one.

Security tape or strip:

If you neglect to remove the protective covering off ink cartridges when you first remove them from their packing, the printer will be unable to detect the freshly installed cartridges, resulting in printer faults.

Metal contacts that are damaged or unclean

When you try to print something, the new HP ink cartridges feature multiple numbers of metallic contacts that connect to similar metallic contacts in the printer so that the printer can send instructions to the cartridges and get the ink out of the cartridge and onto the paper. Metal contacts that are dirty or malfunctioning might interrupt communication between the printer and the cartridges, preventing the printer from reading instructions from the cartridges.

On the printer, HP cartridge protection is turned on.

The printer’s firmware must be updated on a regular basis in order for it to perform properly in the coming years. However, an improved firmware might sometimes put a “cartridge protection lock” on the cartridges, preventing them from printing anything. This feature can be disabled by changing the cartridge settings in the printer’s control panel.

1. Incorrect or malfunctioning cartridge installed: In some cases, ink cartridges purchased from a local store such as Amazon, Walmart, or others may be faulty or damaged. As a result, your printer will not recognize these cartridges and will refuse to print any documents. As a result, purchasing HP original ink cartridges from the official HP store is always recommended.

2. Ink cartridges installed incorrectly: There’s a potential that when you installed the ink cartridge, it wasn’t properly positioned in its intended area, which means the printer won’t be able to detect the cartridge and will give you the error message “3. No ink cartridge found.” All you have to do is pull out the main access door and check to see if the cartridges are properly positioned.

Repair a new ink cartridge in an HP printer that isn’t working

1. Swap out the old cartridge for a brand new HP one. In the interim, turn the printer “off” for 10 minutes before turning it “on” after changing the cartridge.

2. After changing the cartridge, turn the printer’s power button “On.”

3. Unplug the printer’s power line from the wall socket and reconnect it to the wall.

4. To turn the printer back on, press the power button on the printer.

5. If the problem persists, clean the metal contact between the cartridge and the printer where the two connect when you insert the cartridge into the printer.

6. Clean the contacts with a delicate cotton cloth or a lint-free cloth.

7. Restart the printer and try again to print something.

After all is said and done, check to see if the printer is working properly. Please contact us or leave a comment below so that we can hear from you.