HP Envy 5540 Printer Wireless Setup

This HP Envy 5540 All-In-One Printer is built to be dependable and has the ability to print, copy, and scan. It contains a built-in picture tray that enables you to print 46-inch photographs in gorgeous color without changing paper, as well as an auto-deploying output tray that stops papers from dropping to the ground. Spend less money by buying a cheap printer and connecting quickly with the help of the straightforward setup function. Printing picture projects, as well as scanning and copying documents, are both possible with the 2.2-inch graphical touchscreen display. Print documents in color at a maximum of 8 pages per minute (ppm) and in black and white at a maximum of 12 ppm. With the help of this HP Envy 5540 Wireless Printer Manual, you can set your HP Envy 5540 printer and complete the ink and driver installation.

1. Manual for the HP Envy 5540 printer:

Before using the printer, users must finish the HP Envy 5540 Setup. It could occasionally be challenging to connect your HP Envy 5540 printer to your computer, nevertheless. The HP Envy 5540 E-All-In-One Printer Manual contains all the instructions needed for manually configuring the HP Envy 5540 Wireless Setup. These instructions will serve as the main direction for the HP Envy 5540 Wireless Setup procedure. To successfully complete the HP Envy 5540 Printer Setup process, the user must attentively study the HP Envy 5540 handbook.

2. Installation and Replacement of HP Envy 5540 Ink:

Complete the installation of your HP Envy 5540 Printer Ink by following the instructions provided below:

  • Switch on the printer.
  • To open the ink cartridge access door, tuck two fingers under either one or both of the small knobs on its sides.
  • Lightly press down on a low or empty ink cartridge to release it.
  • Remove the ink cartridge from its holder by pulling it toward you.
  • Remove the fresh ink cartridge from its box. Make sure you only contact the black plastic of the ink cartridge.
  • Remove the tape covering the ink cartridge.
  • The new ink cartridge should be placed in the available slot and gently pushed up until it clicks into position.
  • Repeat these instructions to replace the other ink cartridges if necessary.
  • Shut the door that allows access to the ink cartridges.
  • Click OK.
  • Await the printer to calibrate and position the ink cartridges.
  • Fill pages so they may be printed and straightened.
  • After closing the scanner cover, press OK.

3. Mac Wireless Printer Setup for the HP Envy 5540:

To connect your HP Envy 5540 Printer to wifi on a Mac, follow the steps below:

  • Make sure your Mac is turned on, as well as the HP Envy 5540 printer.
  • On the control panel of your printer, click the Wireless icon.
  • Choose the settings option from the main menu.
  • Use the Wireless Setup Wizard to find the WiFi network you want.
  • From the list of available networks, choose the wireless network that you prefer.
  • Confirm that your Mac device is connected to the same network as the printer.
  • Enter the password for your wifi network.
  • Delay till the connection is confirmed.
  • Print out a test page.

4. Wireless HP Envy 5540 Printer on Windows:

To connect your HP Envy 5540 wireless printer to wifi on a Windows desktop, follow the steps below:

  • Check to see if your printer and Windows device are both turned on.
  • To download the HP Envy 5540 printer driver, use the CD or visit the company’s official website.
  • In order to complete the installation, run the downloaded driver.
  • Type “Control Panel” into the search box on the Windows menu.
  • Select “Device & Printer” from the control panel window that has just appeared.
  • Select “Add Printer” from the drop-down menu.
  • Next, search the list that appears for your HP Envy printer.
  • Select Add a Wireless Printer Network in the drop-down menu.
  • Make sure the WLAN function is turned on.
  • The driver installation will begin once you click Next.
  • As soon as the driver has been downloaded, make certain your printer is connected to your wifi network.
  • Confirm that your printer and Windows device are connected to the same wireless network.
  • The HP Envy 5540 wireless Windows installation is now complete.

5. Download the Hp Envy 5540 printer driver:

Follow the steps below to finish downloading the Hp Envy 5540 Printer Driver. To complete the installation of your HP Envy printer drivers via the official HP Website:

  • Start your computer and HP Envy 5540 printer.
  • Confirm that your printer’s USB printer is not connected to it.
  • Go to the official HP website and download the setup file for the HP Envy 5540 driver.
  • Open the file that was downloaded.
  • Start the setup wizard and follow to the instructions on the screen.
  • A prompt will appear asking you to connect in the USB printer device for the HP Envy 5540.
  • Connect your USB cord when requested.
  • It will be possible to see the printer connection.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the download.

6. Setup for the HP Envy 5540 wifi:

Follow the instructions below to set up your HP Envy 5540 printer for wifi:

  • After unpacking your HP printer, make sure it is turned on.
  • Press the wifi button on the control panel of your printer.
  • From the wifi settings menu, choose OK.
  • As soon as the Setup Wizard box displays, click OK.
  • A list of nearby wifi networks will emerge after the printer has concluded its search of the region.
  • Choose the desired wifi network from the list of accessible networks.
  • After choosing your wifi network, click OK.
  • Enter the password for your wifi network.
  • A success message will appear on the printer after it has been connected; click OK.
  • The WiFi configuration procedure has been finished.

7. How to Connect HP Envy 5540 Printer To wifi?

Follow these steps to connect your HP Envy 5540 printer to wifi:

  • After completing the HP envy 5540 wifi configuration, collect all of your network credentials for your wifi router.
  • Click the Settings option after selecting the wifi symbol in your printer’s Control Panel.
  • Click on the link for wifi settings.
  • Following your selection of your wifi settings, proceed to the wireless setup wizard.
  • Enter your routers’ network credentials, including the network name and password.
  • Configure and test the connection

8. Hardware and software setup for the HP Envy 5540:

To complete the hardware setup for the HP Envy 5540, follow these steps:

  • First, remove the HP Envy 5540 printer from its box and set it up in a convenient location.
  • Subsequently, connect your printer to the power source.
  • After that, turn on the printer to begin installing the cartridges.
  • Open the cartridge access door and put the ink cartridge in while the printer is still on.
  • Close the cartridge door properly after inserting the ink cartridge into the appropriate slots.
  • Print the alignment page after placing papers in the HP Envy 5540 input tray.
  • Finally, make that your computer and network are both connected to the HP Envy 5540.

The steps listed below should be followed to complete your software setup:

  • After completing the hardware configuration of your HP Envy 5540 printer, you can proceed to the software configuration. The software setup for your printer installs the proper and reliable device drivers and software.
  • First, make sure that the HP Envy 5540 printer’s drivers and software are up to date.
  • After that, you must launch the AutoRun and download the main file to the device to finish the installation.
  • At this point, you must follow the on-screen instructions to finish the HP Envy 5540 driver installation.

-Before you can begin the HP Envy 5540 Wireless Setup, you must download the required printer drivers for your Mac and Windows 10 device.