This guide will show you how to use the HP Envy 5643 printer. The issue was not identified. The HP full feature driver is available for download from the HP website or the software disc that came with the package. The Guided Installer helps you set up your printer for a wireless or wired network connection. One of these error messages will appear if the Installer fails to recognise your printer device after selecting the connection type. The printer could not be located. Unable to locate the printer in your wireless network, Device not found, Printer not found. Follow these steps to fix printer setup issues.

Start your computer, printer, and router from scratch.

Follow these steps to turn off your network and internet connections for a short time and restart your computer. After that, pull the power cord out of the router. Before you turn off the computer, you should close all open programs and turn off the printer. When you plug the power cord back into the router, the internet activity light will start blinking to show that the connection is back up. Now, turn on your computer and printer. You need to reinstall the HP Driver and Software to fix the HP Envy 5643 Printer. No one has yet found what’s wrong.

Network and Printer Connection Status

Ensure that your printer is network-capable. Open the printer’s settings or wireless network menu and confirm that the wireless signal is active. The wireless icon’s indicator light should always be on. For a wired network connection, connect one end of the cable to the Ethernet port and the other end to a free port on the router. The green light should remain illuminated and the activity light should blink when the cable is connected. Neither a guest network nor a host network is connected to your printer. Change the band size to 2.4 GHz if your router cannot locate a network on 5GHz band. When you move the mouse over the network icon, the network’s name and connection status are displayed. In order to continue attempting to resolve the HP Envy 5643 Printer Not Found error, verify the network connection.

  • Not Your Network: – If you are connected to a network that is not yours, try reconnecting to your network and completing the setup.
  • The network signal is poor- Move large metal objects and radio-emitting devices away from the router and place your computer and printer close to it.
  • The network is not connected. Check the network’s status and ensure that it is functioning properly. Make sure the checkbox next to the network’s name is selected.
  • Select the Airplane icon to exit Airplane mode and connect to a wireless network.

HP Scan and Print Specialist

HP provides the HP Print and Scan Doctor utility to easily identify and resolve printing and scanning issues with the HP Envy 5643. Printer The search returned no results. Download and run HP Print and Scan Doctor to easily complete troubleshooting tasks. Select your printer device from the list once HP Print and Scan Doctor has been installed. Choose My Device is not listed and Retry if the Printer device is not listed. By following the printer’s connection method, you can also easily detect a connection problem.

Disable Firewall Software

Firewall software typically blocks threats from the outside world, but it occasionally interferes with printer network communication. To resolve the HP Envy 5643 Printer Not Found issue, the HP Print and Scan Doctor will prompt you to disable your firewall software. Then, in the HP Print and Scan Doctor window, go to Network, then Troubleshooting firewalls, and disable the status. If the installation is successful, obtain support for the firewall software that allows security level, trusted zone, and open port to allow HP Software and website communication.

Uninstall HP Drivers and Software

The software installation procedure may occasionally be incomplete or flawed. Disconnect the USB cable from your printer if it is connected to your computer via USB. Then, from the results of a Windows search for Programs and Features, select Programs and Features. To resolve the HP Envy 5643 Printer Not Found error, select your HP Printer from the list of installed programmes and click Uninstall. Uninstall the software by following the on-screen instructions, and then restart the computer.

Reinstalling Software

Download the most recent version of full-featured software for your printer device after uninstalling the HP software. If you install the Full Feature Software, the capabilities of your printer may expand. Then, activate your printer and disconnect the USB cable from the printer. To resolve issues with your HP Envy 5643 Printer, visit HP Customer Support – Software and Driver Downloads. The issue was not identified. Select printer in the Let’s Find Your Product window, then enter your printer’s model number and click Submit. The Result window displays a list of compatible software for your printer device. Then, your operating system will be automatically detected; if necessary, you can change the default operating system. Then, on the Drivers tab, choose Download to Full software package, followed by Basic Drivers for additional driver options.